Asphalt Sealcoating

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Asphalt Driveway Sealcoating and Parking Lot Sealcoating in Charleston, Charlotte, Roanoke and Lynchburg

Our asphalt driveway sealcoating services are not intended to restore or repair a deteriorated driveway, but they can save you money in the long run by extending the life of your pavement and beautifying your property.

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While asphalt driveway sealcoating does make surfaces a little smoother, and thus easier to sweep and shovel snow, it will not “level out” any low areas of asphalt. The added bonus of asphalt driveway sealcoating is the beautiful slate black look you get when it is finished.

Why Sealcoat Your Asphalt Driveway or Parking Lot?

CV Paving Asphalt Sealcoating

Prevents Gas, Oil and Salt Damage

Only coal tar sealer protects against the highly damaging effects of gas and oil seepage and all other road chemicals, especially alkalis and winter salt.

Prevents Oxidation

The sun hardens and dries out the asphalt surface, accelerating raveling and cracking.

Slows Weather Damage

Slows water damage caused by rain, snow, frost, freezing and thawing.

Beautifies Pavement

Attractive slate-black appearance restores original color and dries to an even textured finish.

Reduces Maintenance Time

Makes sweeping, snow removal and maintenance easier.

Low in Cost

Proper sealcoating costs only pennies per square foot and saves dollars in future repairs.

Sealcoating Process