Site Work

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Commercial and residential site development

Your successful construction project begins with proper site development. The professionals at CV Paving provide a variety of site-development services for commercial and residential projects throughout the Carolinas and Virginia. Our team understands that efficiency and attention to detail are essential for smooth, on-time projects, and we have the skills and knowledge to ensure a top-quality job.

Clearing & Grubbing

We will clear your site of vegetation, including trees, brush, shrubs, roots and stumps, ensuring a pristine canvas.

Site Demolition

Our site demolition services include structural dismantlement and disposal of rubbish, including concrete and other aggregates, metals, and other construction materials.


We will work your site to the proper grade and shape, ensuring a steady foundation and proper surface drainage.


Virginia Driveway installs various underground utilities, including water mains, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and pumping stations.

Erosion and sediment control

We employ strategies to prevent erosion and sediment runoff, preserving drainage systems and slope stability.