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These services include repair and maintenance of the exterior of your facility, as well as bringing your property up to standards that match current ADA guidelines.


Retailers compete on many different levels including price and quality. However, one of the most important factors affecting success in the retail marketplace is image. Individual outlets are the “brick and mortar” expression of image, and projecting the right one depends heavily on proper upkeep. As a result, retail facility managers must be able to juggle numerous maintenance projects at the same time, as well as balance the budget.

CV Sitework Solutions has an efficient and proven process to help retail facility professionals manage and prioritize parking lot maintenance – one of the most essential elements of a store or shopping center. Our parking lot maintenance solutions deliver cost-effective results that improve longevity, make a great impression on customers/employees, and save valuable time for the ever-busy facility manager.

Business/Consumer Services

The exterior appearance of your facility is an important factor in a customer’s first impression and overall opinion of your business. It can even enhance or detract from your organization’s brand, values, and mission. As a result, it is extremely important to implement a routine maintenance program, especially on your parking lot. After all, a parking lot is an essential element for any location serving business or consumer clientele. Proper upkeep is necessary to avoid costly repairs and to project a positive image.

CV Sitework Solutions delivers cost-effective results that improve the longevity and overall appearance of parking areas.


The healthcare industry has a challenge to provide the best possible care for patients while dealing with a shortage of qualified employees and capital. Healthcare facility managers have additional obstacles, including operating with limited time, resources, and funding, so when it comes to maintenance, minimizing costs, maximizing patient safety, and adhering to strict building codes is paramount.

CV Sitework Solutions parking lot management programs deliver cost-effective results that improve longevity of parking lots, comply with safety codes to create a clear path for travel, and save valuable time and financial resources.

Homeowner Associations

One of the prime drivers of satisfaction with community association homeownership is overall community appearance. A well-maintained community creates a safe atmosphere for existing tenants. Furthermore, a positive image attracts new residents.

CV Sitework Solutions offers insightful, cost-effective solutions that protect an asphalt or concrete investment and make a favorable impression well beyond the surface.


To compete in a marketplace saturated with hotels and restaurants, facility managers in the hospitality industry must provide clean, safe, and comfortable environments. This involves managing numerous maintenance projects on tight schedules and budgets. One of the largest and most heavily traveled areas of hotels and restaurants is parking lots or garages. Routine maintenance is essential in order to provide a clear and safe path that eases congestion. Preventative parking lot maintenance also keeps parking areas in top condition, which enhances the overall impression and value of the property.

CV Sitework Solutions' parking lot management solutions deliver cost-effective results that improve longevity and appearance of parking lots, maximize traffic flow, and save facility managers valuable time and money.

Real Estate

Real estate value has many variables. On the exterior of a property, wear and tear, timelessness of repairs, curb appeal, and upkeep are huge considerations. In order to project a positive image of your real estate and ensure the safety and retention of tenants, it is important to begin on the surface.

CV Sitework Solutions’ parking lot management solutions produce cost-effective results that improve longevity of parking lots, deliver a lasting impression, and align with future maintenance strategies.

Religious Institutions

It is common practice for religious institutions to defer maintenance in favor of providing social services. Aiding this decision is the fact that many religious facilities do not have anyone on staff to handle property management. In addition, most have little support from outside experts and little or no budget to make critical repairs. As religious sanctuaries age and decline, however, it is important to devise a plan for upkeep to minimize risk to congregations and communities. A good place to begin is by assessing property damage at the surface.

CV Sitework Solutions’ parking lot management solutions help facilities managers identify defects and create a plan for routine maintenance that maximizes longevity and caters to the bottom line.


The average age of schools in the United States is 42 years old. As educational institutions get older, their deteriorating physical conditions can have a negative impact on learning, recruitment and retention. Faced with challenges such as inadequate staffing, insufficient training, and oftentimes no maintenance plan in place, facility managers can have a hard time staying on top of upkeep.

CV Sitework Solutions’ parking lot management solutions assist facility managers in identifying defects and developing a plan for routine maintenance that maximizes longevity and financial resources. The end result is parking areas that provide smooth and safe travel while also projecting a positive image of the facility.

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